Payment Link and Receipt Combined

Jody Williamson Paratus Outfitters

We us the payment link feature regularly. Our customers are stating that when they receive the payment link, they can't tell what they are paying for. The payment link needs to detail what the customer is paying for.


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Brandon Hill

We have also run into problems with this because the "amount to pay" box comes up empty and the dropdown box with the percentages is off screen on mobile devices. The box should pre-populate with the total amount, and then customers can change it (in the event of a downpayment or layaway).


East Valley Tactical

I have emailed Ezra to suggest this as well. This is a really important feature!


Ezra Weinstein

Status changed to: In progress


Jimm Shepard

This would be helpful. Or, just put a link to the payment portal on the receipt.