Improvements to Invoice Module Functionality

East Valley Tactical

I like the idea of the new invoice module, but the actual process and functionality needs A LOT of work. Examples:
1. When you create an invoice, it simply sends the customer a receipt showing payment. There is only 1 small line showing that payment is still required. The email subject should say "INVOICE FROM [STORE]".
2. When the invoice is sent, there should be a BIG "PAY INVOICE HERE [LINK]". The purpose of the invoice is to make it easy for the customer to give you money. It needs to be obvious and convenient.
3. There is no way to send the customer a payment reminder on a regular cadence. For example, we have some customers pay off products over a 1-3 month period. We ask them to make 3 even payments. It would be AWESOME if we could specify to send a payment link with installments once per month for a given amount. For even a manual "SEND PAYMENT LINK" button like we have on Suspended Transactions
4. We should have a summary by customer for balances owed, not just a listing of invoices

I could go on, but these are fundamental improvements to the current process. Happy to help in any way I can to get this done.


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Ezra Weinstein

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