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The CoreCLEAR email that is generated when you select "Create CoreSTORE E-Commerce Online Account" under the customer profile needs to be changed. It is confusing to the customer. Currently it says: "You can login online  to pay layaways online using the  following information." If the invoice being sent to the customer is NOT for a layaway, they immediately say: "I don't have a layaway"! The email needs to be changed to represent all invoices being sent for payment, not just layaways.


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Ezra Weinstein

Status changed to: Live


Ezra Weinstein

This is done. There is a new Store Configuration option under coreCLEAR:

Payment Portal New Account Welcome Message

We changed the default message to be more generic, but you can change it as well.

@jim we are working on a template engine for transactional emails. It will be coming in the next few weeks.


Ezra Weinstein

Status changed to: In progress


Jimm Shepard

It would be really great if all of the text on that email was templatized so we could choose what text to display and customize it to our stores. I though I heard that they were working on that but don't remember where I saw that.