Autofill Conceal Carry Permit Info

East Valley Tactical

This is a very simple, easy request which should save a lot of admin time.

Please auto-fill the CCW info on file into Section C of the 4473.

CCW info is already (mostly) stored on the Customer ID tab. You need to add a "CCW Issue Date" field.

On Section C, if the customer has a CCW on file, with the expiration date > TODAY, then it should autofill their DL info above, and their CCW info below, and mark that a background check is not required.

Currently, even if the info is on file, it doesn't auto-fill, and you have to have 2 tabs open, and/or ask the customer to pull it out AGAIN to which they will say "Why do I keep having to give this to you?"

I talked to you about this at SHOT SHOW, would be great to see this implemented.


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Ezra Weinstein

Status changed to: In progress