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Jeff (Coreware)

Some suggestions from an SEO consultant:
1. There are some pieces of meta data that we are not providing which would be useful for SEO. They probably didn't exist when the earliest versions of coreFORCE were written. specifically: page schemas. We should add some functionality to support those.
2. We need to document the custom fields that can be used to set meta data for dynamically generated pages (i.e. product pages).
3. Comparison to Yoast plugin for WordPress - it would be helpful to have rules to generate meta content so they don't have to be created for every page. We already have the placeholders, so it could be something like this: Title: %client_name% %page_title%
4. Move detailed description near the top of the page so that Google's excerpt uses the detailed description instead of the first text on the page (which is normally SKU, UPC, etc.)


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Who was this and/or who did they use I would like to pay for some SEO help. TY


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